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Mid Africa operates within an environment of a defined set of business values by ensuring ethical business practises are optimised, by incorporating consistency, reputable and credible values.



Mid-Africa, is a provider of the utmost professional and technical expertise in motor & Non-Motor assessments.


Assessment Vehicle Criteria Type:  

Motor Vehicles (passenger & SUV), Light Commercial & Delivery Vehicles (LDV) , Heavy Commercial Vehicles( HCV), busses , Motorcycles , Caravans, Agricultural Vehicles (plant & Farming), Trailers and Leisure Type Vehicles.  


Flexibility leads to adaptably (Adapt or Die)  

1. Mid Africa (Pty) Ltd and their affiliates have a national association thereby providing national operation capabilities, thus giving the Insurer, broker or Financial house the flexibility of utilising and benefiting from the procured assessment cost associated with a claim, all members and affiliations are vetted pertaining to CIPC, trade and experience related to the task and BBEEE documentation, with specific core values as well as current SLA’s in place.


Assessing Process both Physical and Digital:   

2. As Mid Africa has the experience and flexibility to adapt to current or innovative processes, each insurer’s process are taken into consideration and thus simple processing can be streamlined to assist the claims technician in appointing assessors, as each claim is assessed on merit and in conjunction with current or required innovative SLA’s, Mid Africa will endeavour to implement a painless process. 


Dive – In Centres:  

1. Mid Africa have procured the utilisation of various assessment centres strategically located in order that our core values are met as well as offering the flexibility in accommodating insured’s clients in a neutral setting, that will assist the client in knowing that they are receiving a professional service. The assessment centres are fully equipped, with the necessary equipment to conduct a thorough physical and visual assessment. 


Repairer Network:  

  • Where there are no SLA’s in place, Mid Africa can procure on behalf and in conjunction with their clients by implementing specific contracts with a network of repairers (MBR’s) with specific SLA’s that have a direct impact on an insurers bottom line ultimately impacting positively on a lower cost which influences the loss ratios and average cost on motor claims which is the costliest aspect of an insurer’s portfolio.  
  • Specific discounts pertaining to parts have been procured, as well as labour and paint rates. As these MBR’s have agreed processes with Mid Africa, we are able to pass these savings onto the insurer. As a bold statement we can confidently state that a 2.5% saving on procured parts are a given, provided the utilisation of the MBR that has an SLA with Mid-Africa is selected. 


No-Motor Assessments:

  • All aspects of Non-Motor household claims are also catered for in respect of the insurance policy criteria, due to the experience of Mi-Africa (Pty) Ltd and their national affiliates and expertise.



  • Pre & Post Repair Audits pertaining to workmanship, and invoicing is always at the forefront when extras or additional are requested by the repairer, this is a necessary process which assists with the management of cost.
  • The Drive -Centres can be utilised to handle Pre- Inspections of vehicles etc, in order that the insurer, or broker can have the advantage of knowing any pre-existing damages or faults thereby reducing issues and costs in the unfortunate circumstance of a claim.


Cost Control:

  • Cost Control measures are the core point of Mid- Africa (PTY) Ltd , however always dealing with claims in accordance with SLA’s and on merit thereby having an positive impact on any Insurer, broker and financial instates bottom line.



  • Reports will be made available on prescribes agreement in respect of spend, savings, common trends etc;
  • The confidence of knowing that your claims are handled by a professional group of Qualified BBEEE Assessors, who assess the damages and not just the quote.
  • Quality assessments the first time due to competence of our assessors, who are Audatex and VDQ accredited.
  • Direct savings passed back to the insurer, on parts etc.