Code of Conduct

Accountability, Transparency, Equity, Professionalism, Flexibility and Innovation.

  1. At all times, duties associated to the service of Mid–Africa will be conducted on merit and totally impartial as well as in an objective manner at all times.
  2. The partnership between the parties, will be based on principal and the outmost good faith.
  3. Members associated with Mid – Africa and its affiliates shall in no way attempt to obtain any advantage in the conduct of their profession, other than through their professional ability.
  4. If at any time Mid – Africa and its associates be appointed to act for the Principals whose interest may conflict, the members will disclose their position to the parties concerned and act in accordance with their wishes. (Conflict of Interests).
  5. The Directors and their affiliates are all bound by disciplinary procedures put in place by the National Executive Committee of Mid- Africa.
  6. Mid- Africa (PTY) Ltd endeavour to enhance the prestige and status of the profession as well as uphold the integrity and reserve the independence of the group.
  7. Mid – Africa will uphold the standard and provide the effective control of the profession.
  8. With the current lack of skills in the assessing profession, Mid- Africa (PTY) Ltd will promote the skill, efficiency, service and responsibility of the profession by establishing and maintaining high standards of education and knowledge
  9. Mid- Africa (PTY) Ltd will represent the BBEEE view of the profession as well as to promote the common interest of the group and its associates.
  10. Mid–Africa will commit to Co-operating, liaising with or make representations to such other authorities, societies, corporate bodies or persons as is required.