The Road to Obtaining the Ultimate Assessing Solution for the South African Insurance Market

About Mid-Africa Insurance Solutions

Who We Are?

Mid Africa (PTY) Ltd, was established in 2018, by a professional team of directors who are qualified artisans with over 150 years’ experience collectively. The genesis of Mid- Africa (PTY) Ltd Insurance Solutions was due to the dynamics of a country that requires urgent ethical business practices as well as legal representation requirements of the Republic of South Africa. Mid- Africa (PTY) Ltd is a company that comprises of all self-start up and established BBEEE level 1 companies with extensive knowledge in the short-term insurance, non-motor, household, motor assessing and repairer industries. Due to Mid -Africa’s uniqueness in that it is recognised as a BBEEE level 1 company, which establishes it as the most transparent and desirable business partner for the major and minor, Insurers, brokers, finance houses and self-insured clients within the Short term Insurance industry, further to this fact is the alignment required by the law of South Africa that all operating businesses in the Republic Of South Africa, are obliged to make use of such entities as a first and only option to concur with the supplier vendor outsourcing and partnering to operate.


Company Description

As our South African legislation is focused and driven on the utilisation on the previous disadvantaged groups pertaining to utilisation and incorporation of these groups into the main stream of business, Mid- Africa (PTY) Ltd has formulated a service offering backed by technical and industry expertise, with a methodology of partnering with Insurance companies, brokers, and financial institutes , Mid Africa directors sit on the boards of the main stream accredited associations, SAMAA and are qualified artisans with the actual bench work experience gained through apprenticeships completed thus giving institutes and industries who partner with Mid-Africa (PTY) Ltd the ultimate edge due to extensive experience in all forms of the motor ,non- motor and insurance industry.


Core Values

Mid- Africa (PTY) Ltd Insurance Solutions Values

  • Mid Africa is focused on providing a guaranteed cost saving, professional customer centric service, incorporating the value of transparency, integrity and fairness, always keeping in mind Treating the Customer Fairly (TCF) and Consumer Protection Act (CPA).
  • Further Mid Africa is determined to strive to enhance the assessing profession by instilling these core values within in the Association as well as to regulate the percentage of BBEEE service providers within the insurance space, by liaising and making representation of to, Insurers. Corporate Bodies, Government and decision makers within the insurance space and it’s members.
  • In addition, Mid Africa inculcates and promotes the skill, efficiency, service and responsibility of the profession.
  • Assist the country and provinces in rearing up future generation of All Motor & Non-Motor Assessors by teaching and mentoring junior assessors who will work under the supervision of our qualified members, adding value by empowering and job creation, which is desperately needed in our country.


Service is a given and thus we are all too aware that solid business is built on this methodology and processes. Again, as per the expertise of the directors having worked in both the insurance and assessing space, we understand the frustration when it comes to communication, therefore Mid Africa will drive the constant updating of claims and assessments in order that the claims technicians are able to respond to brokers or client’s enquiries when required.
However, if it is the requirement of you the insurer, broker or you our client we will endeavour to keep the insured up to date dependant on your mandate, as we are aware that there are partners that are not in favour of this method, therefore we are flexible and will adapt to these requirements dependant on the Service Level Agreement (SLA).